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Our 2nd Cask :Kilchoman 2012/2019 Single Cask #180 Madeira finish

After the Success of our very first single cask for the Israeli Market (Inchmoan 2014 reviwed here) , we decided to bottle another cask we liked for our local Israeli Facebook group (HolyDram). This time it’s a single cask Kilchoman, distilled 2012 (from 50 PPM malted barley) and bottled 2019 after spending most of its time in an ex-bourbon cask, and then finished for 5 months in a first-fill Madiera cask. The cask yielded 258 bottles at a cask strength of 56.3%, all of which are on their way to Israel as we speak.

Kilchoman is one of my favorite young distilleries (or distilleries in general), you can not like this little farm distillery making whisky from grain to bottle all under one roof. Why a Madiera finish you ask? It was our favorite from the casks available we could choose from: The nose and palate were excellent, and of course, the color is nice to have too (not that means anything, still fun…).

Our official tasting notes:

Nose: Lots of sweet smoke with candied fruit, baked apricots and orange peel. hints of earth, ripe blood oranges, orange jam, which works wonderfully with the Kilchoman heavy smoke (50 ppm).

Palate: A lovely combination of red fruit, ripe blood orange, and smoke. There’s also peat smoke, and sea spray, pepper and spices. Although it’s a heavily peated whisky, it’s very drinkable, mainly because of the Madeira influence.

Finish: Dark chocolate, tobacco leaf, sweet smoke and chili.

Conclusion: Of course I am not very objective here, but I absolutely love this whisky. Very drinkable, yet packs a nice peaty punch, and the Madeira works great with the peat, if I might say so.

Available exclusively online on our site for 480 ILS

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